If there’s any season to take roofing service especially seriously, it’s winter. Between the Colorado blizzards, the frigid temperatures, and the leftover foliage from fall, winter certainly puts even the strongest roofs to the test.

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Luckily, a few preventative maintenance strategies can go a long way in ensuring your home’s biggest investment can weather the winter. Check out these guidelines from our roofing contractor, Front Range Contracting, Inc. — the Broncos Business Pick in the Denver area!

Remove Fallen Debris ASAP

The real preparation for winter weather begins at the end of fall. While Colorado has a lot of evergreen trees, it also has enough deciduous trees to make leaf debris a real problem. Left unattended, fallen leaves clog gutters and dam downspouts. In freezing winter temperatures, gutter clogs become even more significant. Below-freezing temperatures encourage trapped water to freeze within your gutters, creating ice dams in the downspouts and gutters. These ice dams, in turn, keep water much closer to your house than you’d like.

This type of standing water can damage not only your roof, but also your home’s siding and foundation. It’s best to preempt this seasonal issue by getting your gutters cleaned. For professional gutter cleaning, call our team at Front Range Contracting, Inc. today.

Clear Dead Branches

Dead tree branches are much more than unsightly — they are also dangerous for your home and its roof. If you have any branches that hang over your roof or are within a few feet, it’s especially important to clear these liabilities. In the event of a heavy storm, these branches can fall right on your roof and cause hefty damage.

Remove Snow From The Roof

The end of winter in Colorado (between February and March) signals heavier snowstorms. While a few inches here or there won’t pose too much of a risk, continued and heavy snow storms are a threat to your roof’s integrity. The water run off from melting snow can compromise your drains and gutters, setting your home up for water damage.

Consider working with a snow removal or roofing company to assist with this task. There’s no sense in risking a fall on a slippery roof when you can leave it to the professionals to handle.

Inspect Your Attic

It might seem that your roof health and attic should have nothing to do with each other, but the two are inextricably linked. If your attic has poor insulation or ventilation, it’s more likely to subject your roof to the elements. A good roof inspection should look at your attic as an integral component of your roof.

Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

Roof inspections aren’t just a special occasion for when you’re buying a new house or think you might need a full roof replacement. In fact, roof inspections should be an annual affair when it comes to home ownership.

Whether you’ve suffered a bad hail storm, heavy winter snow storm, or have noticed water build-up around your foundation, there’s no wrong time to schedule a roof inspection. Experts know exactly what to look for and can let you know what maintenance you need, what aspects of your roof are strong, and how you can better prepare your roof for winter.

About Front Range Contracting, Inc.

For the last few decades, our roofing contractor has been assisting Denver and the Front Range with every roofing need. From free inspections to gutter cleaning and full roof replacements to siding repair, our team can do it all.

If you’ve skipped out on the winter maintenance this year, it’s not too late to schedule your roof for a check-up. Contact our team today to get started!